Raiden Terminology

additional hash
Hash of additional data (in addition to a balance proof itself) used on the Raiden protocol (and potentially in the future also the application layer). Currently this is the hash of the offchain message that contains the balance proof. In the future, for example, some form of payment metadata can be hashed in.
Number of tokens that is referred to in a specific message, e.g. amount in locked transfer means number of tokens to be added to the already locked tokens as part of a transfer
balance proof
Participant Balance Proof
Signed data required by the Payment Channel to prove the balance of one of the parties. Different formats exist for offchain communication and onchain communication. See the onchain balance proof definition and offchain balance proof definition.
Bidirectional Payment Channel
Payment Channel where the roles of Initiator and Target are interchangeable between the channel participants.
Current amount of tokens available for a given participant to make transfers. See Protocol Values and Settlement Algorithm Analysis for how this is computed.
chain id
Chain identifier as defined in EIP155.
Challenge Period
Settlement Window
Settle Timeout
The state of a channel after one channel participant closes the channel. During this period the other participant (or any delegate) is able to provide balance proofs by calling updateNonClosingBalanceProof(). This phase is limited for a number of blocks, after which the channel can be settled. The length of the challenge period can be configured when each channel is opened.
Challenge Period Update
Update of the channel state during the Challenge period. The state can be updated either by the non-closing participant, or by a delegate (MS).
channel identifier
Identifier assigned by Token Network to a Payment Channel. Must be unique inside the Token Network contract. See the implementation definition.
cooperative settle proof
Signed data required by the Payment Channel to allow Participants to close and settle a Payment Channel without undergoing through the Settlement Window. See the message definition.
Amount of token locked in the contract.
Specific block after which the lock in the locked transfer expires
Fee Model
Total fees for a Mediated Transfer announced by the Raiden Node doing the Transfer.
Hash Time Lock
An expirable lock locked by a secret.
Hash Time Locked Transfer
Mediated Transfer
A token Transfer composed of multiple HTL transfers.
HTL Commit
The action of asking a node to commit to reserving a given amount of token for a Hash Time Lock. This is the message used to find a path through the network for a transfer.
HTL Transfer
An expirable potentially cancellable Transfer secured by a Hash Time Lock.
HTL Unlock
The action of unlocking a given Hash Time Lock. This is the message used to finalize a transfer once the path is found and the reserve is acknowledged.
Inbound Transfer
A locked transfer received by a node. The node may be a Mediator in the path or the Target.
The node that sends a Payment.
lock expiration
The lock expiration is the highest block_number until which the transfer can be settled.
locked amount
Total amount of tokens locked in all currently pending HTL transfers sent by a channel participant. This amount corresponds to the locksroot of the HTL locks.
Locked Transfer
Locked Transfer message
An offchain Raiden message that reserves an amount of tokens for a specific Payment. See Locked Transfer for details.
The hash of a lock. sha3_keccack(lock)
The hash of the pending locks. To compute this, encode all pending locks in binary, and hash the concatenation using sha3_keccak.
A node that mediates a Payment.
Any message sent from one Raiden Node to the other.
Monitoring Service
The service that monitors channel state on behalf of the user and takes an action if the channel is being closed with a balance proof that would violate the agreed on balances. Responsibilities - Watch channels - Delegate closing
Net Balance
Net of balance in a contract. May be negative or positive. Negative for A(B) if A(B) received more tokens than it spent. For example net_balance(A) = transferred_amount(A) - transferred_amount(B)
Strictly monotonic value used to order off-chain transfers. It starts at 1. It is a balance proof component. The nonce differentiates between older and newer balance proofs that can be sent by a delegate to the Token Network contract and updated through updateNonClosingBalanceProof.
Off-Chain Payment Channel
The portion of a Payment Channel that is used by applications to perform payments without interacting with a blockchain.
Outbound Transfer
A locked transfer sent by a node. The node may be a Mediator in the path or the Initiator.
The two nodes participating in a Payment Channel are called the channel’s participants.
The other node in a channel. The node with which we have an open Payment Channel.
Pathfinding Service
A centralized path finding service that has a global view on a token network and provides suitable payment paths for Raiden nodes.
The process of sending tokens from one account to another. May be composed of multiple transfers (Direct or HTL). A payment goes from Initiator to Target.
payment channel
An object living on a blockchain that has all the capabilities required to enable secure off-chain payment channels.
Payment Receipt
Raiden Channel
The Payment Channel implementation used in Raiden.
Raiden Light Client
A client that does not mediate payments.
Raiden Network
A collection of Token networks.
The node that is receiving a Message.
Refund Transfer
Refund Transfer message
An offchain Raiden message for a Transfer seeking a rerouting. When a receiver of a Locked Transfer message gives up reaching the target, they return a Refund Transfer message. The Refund Transfer message locks an amount of tokens in the direction opposite from the previous Locked Transfer allowing the previous hop to retry with a different path.
Reveal Secret
Reveal Secret message
An offchain Raiden message that contains the secret that can open a Hash Time Lock. See Reveal Secret for details.
Reveal Timeout
The number of blocks in a channel allowed for learning about a secret being revealed through the blockchain and acting on it.
A value used as a preimage in a Hash Time Locked Transfer. Its size should be 32 bytes.
Secret Request
An offchain Raiden message from the target that asks for the secret of the payment. See Secret Request for details.
The hash of a secret. sha3_keccack(secret)
The node that is sending a Message. The address of the sender can be inferred from the signature.
Settle Expiration
The exact block at which the channel can be settled.
Sleeping Payment
A payment received by a Raiden Light Client that is not online.
The node that receives a Payment.
Token Network
A network of payment channels for a given Token.
Token Swaps
Exchange of one token for another.
A movement of tokens from a Sender to a Receiver.
Transferred amount
Monotonically increasing amount of tokens transferred from one Raiden node to another. It represents all the finalized transfers. For the pending transfers, check locked amount.
Unidirectional Payment Channel
Payment Channel where the roles of Initiator and Target are determined in the channel creation and cannot be changed.
Unlock message
An offchain Raiden message that contains a new balance proof after a Hash Time Lock is unlocked. See Unlock for details.
withdraw proof
Participant Withdraw Proof
Signed data required by the Payment Channel to allow a participant to withdraw tokens. See the message definition.